East gate photo studio

Our photo studio will be located in Haiwan university town of Fengxian District, Shanghai. The name is ‘East Gate Photo Studio’. 

We offer taking profile photos, artist photos, events REC, DV recording, community activities, Style design, Make-up, PS photos, making albums, recording campus life and internet movies.

We provide personal photographer for trip with you to taking special photos and make special albums. And also, we serve professional dresser to design your own style with make-up.

Profile photo is a very important photo, but it is also the picture that you want to show nobody else. The traditional profile shows dull eyes, stiff expressions, lack of facial expression, casual clothes, disorderly hairstyle, high and low shoulders, big and small eyes.

Traditional certificate photography cannot meet the aesthetic needs of modern people, especially young people. In the university town with a population of more than 100,000 teachers and students, the demand for certificate photography can begin to imagine. In addition, this group is the most knowledgeable, visionary and aesthetic young group. Therefore, the urgent need for traditional certificate photography in the university city is highlighted. Break and change.

Based on this, I plan to invest a photo studio next to east gate. It will serve teachers and students by combining all kinds of certificate and photo studios, such as work license, driver’s license, passport, image license, registration license, and so on.

Here is next to beach, we can help you to have a special beach photos album. Our photographer will turn impossible into possibility, if you want a as perfect as you want photo album!


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