Hotel trends in digital MKT in the word


  •   Background history

     With the rapid development of global economy and the technological revolution of digital marketing, digital marketing has become the development trend of global hotel sales. How to deeply understand and apply digital marketing, make good use of modern information technology, and improve the level of hotel marketing is an important topic in the global hotel industry. Under this background, the hotel industry is facing new opportunities and challenges. Digital marketing has become an important part of hotel sales strategy.

  •   Trends & adoption

With the advent of the Internet era, precision marketing has

become the mainstream of profit in the hotel industry, and digital marketing is the dominant one. Digital marketing uses digital communication channels to promote products and services, and communicates with consumers in a customized and cost-saving way. With the continuous progress of science and technology and the popularization of new media, digital marketing is becoming more and more prominent in the hotel industry. Especially important.

  •   Revenues & Source

Data drive the high-value operation of the hotel, collect

relevant data through the industry customization, analyze and analyze the data in multiple dimensions, and then apply to the content of production marketing, marketing guidance and service optimization and other fields. Through data mining and analysis (scientific data can help the hotel to do high-value operations) to improve the source of revenue of the hotel.

  •  S W O T

1) Strengths

  1. Rapid development of the hotel industry: for example, China introduced the first foreign-funded hotel in 1979, and now there are more than 300,000 hotels in China, and 41 international hotel brands have entered the Chinese market.

2, the wide use of digital marketing: in the digital, information development today, digital is the need for business, on the hotel through digital channels to hundreds of millions of customers around the world to distribute rooms and services, it represents the latest and most effective marketing methods.

  1. Transformation of sales and service mode: according to relevant data, the Internet has become an important channel for global hotel management, with 80% of guests checking in in advance by booking, which greatly facilitates the guests.


1, the lag of the hotel website construction, the global hotel industry, network construction is one of the main problems, there are 30% of the independent hotels in the world do not have their own web page industry, there is no independent reservation system.

2, single marketing means: the sale of rooms is the source of revenue of the hotel, but also the key to the network application, digital marketing can only be simple to release and accept the reservation of guests, can not fundamentally solve the hotel product idle caused by the loss of value

  1. Shortage of marketing talents: with the improvement of people’s quality and scientific progress, it is difficult for operators to find employees who are good at managing and applying digital marketing


  1. Development of e-commerce: digitalization is firstly reflected in e-commerce. Not only in China, but also in the world, network technology and e-commerce have been widely promoted
  2. Change of consumption mode: in the digital age, the use of network technology for transaction settlement can make the capital turnover faster. The hotel industry is an industry with particularly large cash flow, so digitalization brings great convenience to people.



  1. Information transmission and feedback: in order to achieve true digitization, information circulation, order confirmation and fee settlement, it is necessary to get rid of a large number of manual labor. In terms of the existing global hotel industry, it is still impossible to completely get rid of traditional operation modes such as telephone and fax
  2. Backward marketing concepts: although digital marketing can bring convenience to the hotel industry, it is still difficult to meet the needs of different customers, which requires operators to constantly collect and update the database to provide more thoughtful and personalized services



The global hotel industry is in a large digital network environment, who can faster grasp and use digital marketing means, who can get a larger market space in the hotel management.


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